The Power of No

You know that feeling you get after you use some B.S. excuse to tell a friend or a relative why you can’t make it to a scheduled event or something of the like? When the truth is you just don’t want to go or meet up? When you make up some excuse you are admitting defeat, apologizing and explaining why you are in the wrong but claiming the circumstances are what led to your actions. To you, your life is the most important thing and if you make mistakes or take a different path, that is yours to own and not something to be looked down upon.

When you become committed to this philosophy, which is the truth, you become empowered with confidence in the decisions you make. If some friend or acquaintance asks if you would like to “hang out” or do some other meaningless task, you can just say “no I’m busy with more important things” or just “no”. When some new colleague says he likes a certain sports team and asks for you to agree you can tell him the truth and say “no…” instead of some pathetic submissive answer. When you commit to saying no, or the alternative yes, with no pathetic excuse or needless explanation, people will take you more seriously and respect your answer.

A stern answer to a question makes you seem decisive and responsible to the asker. If you want to live your own life under your own rules, make this your primary focus and see it to completion. When we do things long enough they become habit, and if you make a habit out of being decisive and responsible you can accomplish almost anything. If you practice using yes or no with other people, you will begin to do it with yourself and while thinking, no more compromise only progress. If a friend asks a Maverick to come hang out or waste time, the Maverick responds quickly with a “no, I’m busy” because he has already made the “yes” commitment to himself to get shit done.

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