The Life Blood Of Your Morning

Now if you’re reading this in the early morning hours, there is a good chance you are drinking or already have drank coffee. One of the simplest, and most relied upon, liquid mixtures you can find in the country. Coffee contains caffeine, which can do a multitude of great things like raise alertness, combat drowsiness, increase metabolism, and give  your brain the kick in the butt it needs in the morning. Like most coffee drinkers you probably already know all of this, which is to be expected, but you may not drink it the correct way or at the correct time like a Maverick would.

As we know coffee can get you going in the morning but many people I have seen rely too heavily on this substance as their only daily kickstart. Caffeine will help the brain get done what needs to be done, but only if that has been previously laid out with some level of detail. Certain individuals drink caffeine in the mornings just to wake up and end getting nothing done with their time, when the could be using coffee for something greater. Previously I have written that it is important to wake up early (And I stand by this) with a purpose, a specific goal in the morning to get shit done before the world has woken up. This will not only force you to get out of that morning brain fog, but will prepare you for your caffeine consumption.

As I’m writing this (At 6am), I have already prepared myself for the day, gotten halfway through a blog, and haven’t even touched my coffee, even though its sitting right here. The plan I set forth last night to wake up early and get this written out was enough to get me out of the bed and enough to make me do this, I made that commitment. If I start to feel a little slog or blocked, then I will start to drink my coffee and finish writing. I use the caffeine as a driver would use Nitrous Oxide in a race. The driver already has a definite goal, to win the race, and uses the boost to further his progress in achieving his goal after he has already begun chasing it. Like the driver, who is a world renowned Maverick, you to should use your coffee not to wake you up but to help you get shit done.

I just started…

-Thomas Bethon

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