Why you lift weights, or why you should.

Some days I may not be on the top of my game, feeling lazy or just off. On these days it is more important than others that I get myself into the iron paradise, if I don’t then my terrible day will carry over to the next. And when I say Iron Paradise, it’s for a reason. A place where pain, sweat and determination all meet to give you the ass kicking you deserve, the challenge you were born to face. Conquering the weights everyday makes everything else feel like a breeze, and makes you feel like a king with a ten thousand strong army at his back, ready to strike down the next opponent who comes his way. The Maverick may go to the gym for other reasons, but the sheer mental strength he earns in doing so could be considered the only one.

Getting yourself into the gym is only half the challenge, because at first it is the hardest part. You need to make a commitment to yourself, and only yourself, that it is time for change and time to take action. We can sit around all day dreaming that maybe next year we’ll be hitting the gym everyday and looking like greek gods, but that just won’t be true unless we make it happen. Make that commitment and live and breath it until you’re leaving the gym with sweat running down your brow and a smile on your face.

My favorite excuse to hear when someone says they can’t hit the weights is “I don’t have time”. The most popular excuse in the book still makes me chuckle every time,  because I know the words are gonna come out before they do. Friend, no one has time when they are wasting it watching TV, playing video games, eating junk food, or smoking weed. If you aren’t doing any of those things and still don’t have time then you must be making millions with all that time you’re spending working. Not having the time to better yourself just means you think time is better spent enjoying the spoils of life rather than living life to the fullest.

At this point you may consider asking a Maverick to come to the gym with you, but he won’t have time, he already went at 5 this morning.

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